Palate Sensations – 4 day basic baking workshop

The past 2 weekends was filled with much fun and laughter thanks to my baking workshop! I had to wake up at 9am on weekends because classes start at 11. But even so, each time i woke up it was filled with excitement (even though i had late nights before :x).

Icing a cake!

This course basically covered four basics: tarts, choux pastry, genoise (french sponge cake) and biscuit sponge. Fillings, custards, pastry creams, buttercream were also taught to go along with the different types of basics we learnt as well!

I may have been baking for about 2 years now… but really decided it was time to get my foundations right. Recipes I can get from many sources; but techniques, tips and tricks are a different case altogether – if you never tested a recipe before, those techniques / tips can be hard to understand or visualise simply by reading what others write in cookbooks or forums. Like how for me, I never tried choux pastry before even though I have a recipe pulled from that many in the forums claimed to be great. With this course, it really helps me know what do look out for while doing the dough! (:

The people there really made it even more fun! Our teacher Nan Ong is always willing to share whenever we asked her questions. She seemed a bit serious in the first lesson… but the lessons went on, she became really animated and open. She joked, teased and laughed with us through our mistakes and fun. Of course the other coursemates made everything so much enjoyable too! People like Pam, Bianca, Sisi, Alicia and Vivian… the 6 of us who went for all of the 4 days grew quite close in the process ;)

And Singapore really IS small. One of my coursemate Alicia is actually the sister of my good friend in primary school. We haven’t contacted each other since secondary… But it was really nice to see her again.

More pictures of the baking workshop can be seen here!


3 thoughts on “Palate Sensations – 4 day basic baking workshop

  1. HI Cassandra

    Thank you for enrolling in the 4 day workshop at Palate Sensations. I am glad you had a good time and most importantly, you learnt something.

    Our Intermediate will be starting in August so I hope to see you come back again!



    Palate Sensations Cooking School

  2. Hi Lynette! Haha thanks for visiting my site ;)

    I will be back for the intermediate if nothing crops up at the last min. Seeya then! (or maybe even earlier haha)

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