Sunday Home

Finally, a day to rest!

And when there’s finally a day to rest, i always plan to bake something. But it never works out. Like today… doh.

Today I finally managed to get my 10 hours of sleep! It all started a few weeks back; i never got more than 6 hours of sleep for about 5 weeks. Sometimes was cause of work, other times I only had myself to blame ;p Made me tired, cranky at times. Not to mention I had a few matters I had to deal with during this period.

But overall, many many other things made me happy. Ever since I made up my mind to take a step further in my baking and setting specific goals ;) Money has always been holding back for alot of things, but then i realise, money will ALWAYS be an issue. If I don’t start now, when will I start?

In it all, I realised I have many loving friends and my family. I’m always always thankful for them :)

Anyway so there goes my nua-ish day.



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