Saturday and my cupcakes.

I’ve always wanted to do a trial batch. Finally have the time to get down to making it!

Vanilla Cupcakes 4 Vanilla Cupcakes 1

Vanilla Cupcake 3

Used magnolia vanilla cupcake recipe, and Tish Boyle’s Swiss buttercream.

I need an instant thermometer. I didn’t get one cause my bro has one (he’s in Culinary and Catering @ TP). But the one he has isn’t instant, and it takes forever for the reading to get to 160F. I think I actually overcooked my frosting a little thanks to it >.>’

I also tried out the Marshmellow fondant. (If you go to my flick site you can see a cupcake with a heart) Never did eat normal fondant before, but from reviews read that MM fondant is much tastier. All I can say it’s sweet. Gonna use it as a replacement for normal fondant in future, for simple decorations. People can always take away the deco before eating it if they don’t have a sweet tooth.

But so far, am happy with the outcome! Having another cupcake class tomorrow at Raffles Culinary. Am looking forward to see if there’s more I can learn :)


2 thoughts on “Saturday and my cupcakes.

  1. the blue cupcake looks so delicate and beautiful. you were pleased with the magnolia recipe, really? i’ve never been a fan, but may have to give it another try.


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