In the blink of an eye.

How many times have I mentioned time flies in my livejournal account?

Am going to say it again. Time flies. Half a year just flew by – I look back and can say I never did really accomplish significant. Do I regret it?

A few friends mentioned to me recently how they look back in their life and feel sad having accomplished nothing. Time continues to fly by, and they continue to live aimlessly without accomplishing anything. Are they really living aimlessly, or just unaware of how much their little actions have an impact on others? Everytime we see someone well-known and admired, be it a famous singer, writer, talk-show host; it might not even be someone popular, just someone we admire because of their actions and words – most would think, “If only I could be like him/her. How wonderful it would be to possess such talent to make an impact on others.”

I have a friend of the same age who told me of her lack of accomplishment all these years. Yet after getting to know her for about a year, it was obvious how her out-going personality shone and made an impact on those around her. Her just being herself bring us much laughter. Another friend mentioned that the place would too quiet and just plain ‘off’ without her presence. I’ve also noticed how she always seem to put others needs before her own. I’m very sure her other friends feel the same way.

It’s always nice to have some accomplishments in life you can look back upon and feel proud of. Though sometimes I feel people have to take a step back, realize that life isn’t all about the pursuit of being the best and impacting the masses…

Some are people born to make a difference to the masses, and yet there are others to touch a soul at a time. And these things may not even be great feats. Those of you who look back and say you’re done nothing in life… is it really true? Sometimes, it’s really the smallest things that make the difference.


2 thoughts on “In the blink of an eye.

  1. Sometimes we should not expect too much of ourselves and overlooked the little improvements we did to our lives. One of the things which people tend to overlook is experience. No matter how small and insignificant it may look, we are gaining experience everyday, a little at a time. May it be a new baking recipe, a new design/coding style, a better way of handling situations, all these little experiences do add up and make a significant impact on our lives and those around us.

    Ask those who are close to you whether you make a difference in their lives. You will be happy to know that every little thing you did do affect and change their lives.

  2. yeps. i agree with Rin. that you did.

    “i was hungry and you fed me. i was thirsty and you gave me water to drink. i was hurting and you comforted me”

    not literally but well… you get what i mean. i hope. i’m not really one to comment so early in the morning cause i ramble. = /

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