Rainy Sunday.

12 hours of sleep. I wasn’t expecting myself to sleep that long O_O Had a really interesting dream, but only remember parts and pieces of it. It was something like a fantasy story. haha~ Guess it had something to do with me browsing through the Tales of the Abyss manga before i slept.

Past few weeks have been really eventful, though I was much sleep deprived. Sometimes I feel like I’m just watching these events pass by without participating much. Be it work-related, gatherings with friends, even time for myself… For that I’m regretful. Was it the lack of sleep? Lack of confidence to participate more? Or lack of time management? Or is it really a combination of it all?

Many times I felt I didn’t have enough time to recharge, and when I had the time to, it will inevitably get filled up with something. A friend casually mentioned I couldn’t say ‘no’ to things. Really didn’t think that was a problem of mine, but him mentioning it made me realise it holds true to certain aspects of my life :/ I don’t like disappointing people, coupled with the fact I like to go with the flow according to what the crowd wants… It can get really draining for me sometimes.

Assertiveness has always been a problem of mine. These few weeks brought up a lot of other issues I need to tackle with.

I wish to have more rainy Sundays where I can coop up at home, sleep and just get things sorted out.


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