Untitled – cause i can’t think of a title now.

I want to start learning bread. :D I think it’s time! *grinz* (Okay that’s OOT, but i can’t help myself at this moment haha)

It’s been a while. Poor neglected blog *sweeps off dust* I somewhat miss livejournal… I don’t know, but livejournal makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of the times back in school where I just wrote and wrote and wrote :) …Or maybe it’s cause I haven’t found a suitable blogskin for my current blog… hmm.

Past few months can be easily summed up: Archery, Rockband 2, baking (arghhh off-tracked from my inital plans!), a somewhat bad haircut, and the feeling oh-not-so-great. It doesn’t feel fantastic when you can’t pinpoint what’s bugging you. But you know something is off – it’s like princess and the pea. Something small, but it just makes you toss and turn and feeling all frustrated. (Though on the contrary, I’ve been getting more sleep. Had enough of late nights -_-)

I thought it was because I had less time to bake and felt stagnant. I thought it was because there are things I want to do, but am pushing them away because of other commitments. Then i started writing again last night, in my trusty journal. And I hit the nail :/ Found out the cause of me feeling so shitty. I’ve forgotten how therapeutic writing can be. Really thankful though! Now to turn things around. :)

As 2008 comes to a close, there are many things I need to think of. Plans for 2009. Exercise goals, learning goals; baking goals which have been left on the shelf since august haha~

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