coffee layered chiffon cake

My mum once wondered why I bother to go through the hassle of baking something – the preparation of ingredients, the mixing and creaming, the baking and the wait… To most people it would be easier to buy something off a cake shop or bakery. I like that too when I’m too lazy :p But more often, I like to play with my ingredients and see what can come out of them.

It is a dream of mine to open a cafe, preferrably one that specialises in desserts :) Many people have asked why I have not started selling my bakes. Few reasons – 1) I am not confident enough about what I make – i am still working on the consistency of what I can produce, 2) Turning it into a business means I have to focus on other areas such as packaging as well. So far my time have been spent on tweaking recipes and testing new ones… so this have been put on hold! 3) Am afraid of it becoming too money focused; I don’t want to be baking and stressing myself out more than I should (it happened before – though I do admit I learnt a thing many things from those situations!)

Next few months I’m gonna be focusing on developing the main flavours. Already have a rough idea how I want the texture and look of my cakes to be! More updates soon :D


3 thoughts on “Cakes!

  1. @ Dorothy. Yes yes noted hahahaa. We shall do it soon. Haven’t had the cupcake deco session yet! Can incorporate that in :D

    @ Wendy. You don’t have to know how to bake or cook to open a cafe. You just have to love food! :D (And well, some other non food aspects. *laughs* But all those can be learnt imo haha)

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