Time to clear out the clutter!

Finally got to clearing my room! I have this sudden urge to organize everything properly now. It started from things in my life, time, work, then now my room. Yes, I love my organized mess, but recently I just want space for things I love… and feel it’s a good time to throw out things of the past. Like my manga, and some Jrock magazines that’s kept in my cupboard.

Manga played a big part of my life when I was younger. It still does now; i’m always looking out for a good story. With technology and the internet though, many things can be found online. So that one has to go! Yes I intend to give away my manga if I don’t get it sold. *laughs* Space is an issue in my room. I want to clear the clutter, have more space for my baking materials, and other books to read.

My final personal goal for 2008 – declutter, clear and clean my room. Haha.

And more from the oven this week!

Blueberry Mini!Blueberry mini cake

Nigella's Quadruple Chocolate Loaf CakeQuadruple Chocolate Loaf from Nigella Lawson!

Initially had more to type, but can’t remember what else after having to continue this post after a few hours. Woops!


3 thoughts on “Time to clear out the clutter!

  1. After seeing this picture on Flickr, I developed a craving for blueberry stuff. So yesterday Rin got a blueberry donut for me.

    Though I won’t be able to enjoy nice foodstuff until maybe a week later, just had my wisdom tooth surgery.

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