Simple Sweetness.

This week… FOUR people talked to me about my bakes and my inital plans of starting a small biz. Some know of my love for sweet things through my blog and flickr, others through facebook. Haha. All of them offered their views and some really interesting ideas!

I’ve also accepted to bake a cake for a colleague. This weekend is quite crazy for me (that’s why I’m still up at this time of 4.10am >.>) I usually only charge the cost price of the ingredients for any cake requests; I’m already grateful that people trust my skills enough to allow me to bake for them! When my colleague asked why I charged so little, I told him it was unofficial and that it wasn’t a business yet… he simply laughed. Haha, another reason for the lower pricing is because all these orders are really learning experiences for me – I learn alot from these ad-hoc orders as it forces me to really get down and test out new things, modify recipes until it works.

Like today’s order, I finally found the correct proportions of corn syrup and white chocolate for chocolate plastic to make edible decorations. *laughs* And I found another unique and easier way to make ganache. A ganache made from water when it’s usually made from cream. :D

I gotta get up at 9am tomorrow to assemble everything. Then head to the anime festival at Suntec. Zzz!

And yes, if anyone needs a cake, I’m here to help! hahah~ Charging all cakes at cost price now, until I finalise my plans. I got a few main cake ideas in my head… but for now I’m open to experimentation. Anyone who reads this and is interested in ordering something (maybe for Xmas), feel free to let me know!


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