Unscramble the words

Unscramble the words ;)

The whole post to come, in the night! ;)

Edit @ 12.30am (18 Dec): It’s been a long day. I finished all the cupcakes around 3am last night. Things to take note of: 1. More frosting is always better than just enough (my white frosting seized on me after I placed it in the fridge in the piping bag to ensure it remained cold), 2. Get cupcake holders so that transportation will be easier! Shifty cupcakes is not fun to carry around.

I’m pleased with the outcome, I really hope the receiver is too. :) Though I really know I can do better! It’s times like this I really wish I’ve more time to do baking (and experimenting! I’m still in search of so many perfect recipes…), so sleeping late and getting up late isn’t an issue. It didn’t help when I couldn’t sleep the night before cause my mind was the preparation for my company’s xmas celebrations next week! I’m like a walking zombie today. Haha.

Marry me!Final cuppycakes! Did you manage to figure out the words?

I need more sleep. But am excited about everything that is to come! More baking this weekend, and many more gatherings! (and eyebags as well~ I realize I tend to ramble and place lots of !!!! when i’m not thinking right due to lack of zzzzz, so pardon me :p)


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