Ginger is my new perfume.

I <3 gingerbread! I know of some people who refuse to eat them because of their taste. Figured you either love it, or just hate it.

Nekkid gingerbread men.

The nekkid men, fresh from the oven :p

*grinz*I love my mum too :) She sat in front of me at the dining table this whole afternoon as the gingerbread men factory production was working. Haha. From about 2pm- 7pm! It was hard to concentrate  to what she was saying sometimes, when I was fighting with the dough at times because of the humidity. All cookie dough has to be chilled enough to make it easier to cut shapes cleaner! And Singapore’s humidity can be a pain sometimes. Thank goodness we’re considered to be in the ‘colder’ period now.

Her presence was really much appreciated <3 These past few days my parents really made me feel so blessed by the small things they do. The proposal cupcakes in the previous post? I actually was rushing around alot that day and came home late. Dad saw the box (it was bigger than expected!) and offered to send me to AMK Hub to pass Aaron the proposal cupcakes. :3

Anyway… to end of this post, I present you!

Gingerbread me- er, cyclops?!

This is what happens when you churn out 160> gingerbread men in one day and get tired of seeing all of them smiling at you :P


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