Have yourself a Merry Merry Christmas


*laughs* Have to admit it feels really weird after everything is over. Suddenly no more baking to do, no more things to think about and follow up. Finally managed to catch up on some sleep last night… My head was hurting during my family gathering last night, but it felt so good to see everyone again!

Family shot Cousins 2

Fresh Salad Ham!

Roast Pork with stuffing Shepard's Pie

Guitar Hero Trigger Happy!

More photos here!

I always look forward to family gatherings. Especially Christmas… the food’s just getting better and better. (Look they even have labels for the food on the table!) Aunt Susan really is a fantastic and thoughtful host ;) She and her family makes Xmas enjoyable for everyone every year!

Home-made dressings

Haha. Besides that, it’s always exciting, and nostalgic at the same time to see everyone again. We get to see our parents all aging gracefully and sharing their stories. The kids all growing into young adults… I will always remember the times we were still young and clung to our parents during family gatherings. Things has changed over the past few years, we have began to talk more… and Harold has even brought his girlfriend this year. Such a sweet girl! :)

Aunt Susan’s home forever holds a special memory in my heart because my family has bunked in with them in the past due to minor housing issues. Brian, Harold, bro and I used to play together everyday :P I vividly remember the times back then – having lunches and dinners in the small counter table in the kitchen; swimming in the 5 meter pool below, and fighting some Indian kids over the usage of the pool and for them calling Harold and I fatties, imagining we had powers to call upon the wind to sweep them away; drawing and doodling anime characters in one of the rooms; and watching Barney (don’t laugh!) in the evenings. On weekends we woke up early just to catch Xmen and Conan at 11 and 1130am :X During Chinese New Year we left our mark at the playground, when we scrapped sparkler powder into a trail, piled the powder high at the end of the trail, lit it and watched the sparklers go off and explode high into beautiful colours at the end. It all seemed like yesterday… Of course as we grew up, we all have our own lives to lead, but we’re still tied by the bond and memories we once shared. They’ll forever be my little brothers. *laughs* <3

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Christmas! Feast, rest well, and be joyful.

Happy Birthday Jesus, and thank you for such an great and eventful 2008.


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