akltg Xmas celebrations ~ 24 dec 08

And so… it came and is over. In a blink of an eye. All that planning, all the organizing. This round, we didn’t depend too much on Desmond, and being so green at events, I made a few oopsies :S Nothing that stopped the celebrations from going on, but things could have been much better. Few things I learnt (good & bad):

1. When it comes to food, either cater or do a potluck. I tried to get food from various places e.g. pizza, sushi, sandwiches, turkey from NTUC… Too much work. I switched to a caterer at the last min and they didn’t provide great service or food. (Imagine, when I ordered the food, I had to repeat what was in some dishes to them. And they can leave their catering stuff there from the 24th – 26th. They totally forgotten about their stuff!)

2. Do not attempt to bake everything for a corporate function. @.@ Especially when it coincides with a festive season that you need to do your own personal baking. Baking gingerbreads is fun, but I’m going to be staying away from them for a while…

3. Everyone likes doorgifts. *laughs*

4. When doing games, it’s best to get everyone in the various team involved. It was obvious everyone had fun while decorating the christmas ‘trees’. However things started to get a tad slower during the guess the song & artist part when each group had to send a representative up. Not too sure if it’s because something like that was done before previously that made people bored… But i feel that it’s good to have an activity when everyone has to get on their feet and do something instead of sending a representative up ;)

5. Do not do Christmas celebrations for company on christmas eve. Usually it’s the clear leave period by then. I felt somewhat bad that Andrew had to make it mandatory for Public to come down when they were all on leave till 2nd Jan. :/ Next time will schedule the next Xmas celebrations one week earlier, on a friday.

6. Delegate activities to people. I realize some people are quite keen to help as long as you ask. This round Kim Yan and I did most of the work, with Gary helping with the operations at the end, and Desmond being the Emcee. Thank goodness for them.

There are a few more, but those stand out most to me at the moment. Haha. I would say it was a good event, though much can be improved. Much thanks to Kim Yan for always being there.

Santa dude & Kim Yan santa dude & me
Thank you for being my partner in crime, always :D

Before I bore you further, here are some pics of that day! ;)

Siewpeng, her kids and Eileen Gopal & Pei Yun Chris & Perry Eileen & Nat

Patrick J.D Dairaj Ridhwan The winning 'tree'

e judges - Astley & Anthea The winning team! Pearlyn, Perry & Nat All ready to answer

Nat & Eileen selecting theirs What's inside? Hmmm. Danny & Carol Gary, Kelvin & Kenrick

Candy, KimYan & Nat Daniel Interns @ ak The 3 trees!


2 thoughts on “akltg Xmas celebrations ~ 24 dec 08

  1. Which caterer did you get? For mine, we get stuff from various places but I got different team member to be in charge of different type of food…otherwise it will be crazy to get everything on my own!

    Yea, one thing about planning an event is help from others is extremely valuable.

    • kckfood… Haha. It’s bad. :(

      I’ll be doing a potluck next round (that is if i’m still around next year!) Haha. It was some bad time management on my side, plus some serious lack of manpower. Though it was a good learning exp; I’ve got a better idea how to do things the next time round. :)

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