Old friends.

The Dao (Wei Lee) The Lost (Cassy) The Angry (Pamzie)

The Dao, The Lost & The Angry

I love photos in sephia. Love the old rustic look. And it’s us three musketeers yet again from the five. Wonder if it’ll continue to be that way into the future? :p

Happy Being stupid

Taking crazy photos always brings laughter. Our paths have all spilt over the past few years. Some have grown even further due to other commitments. As we grow order, i guess it’s inevitable sometimes… :) I’m glad to see the two of them again and to snap stupid photos. (It made me realize I suck at doing lame poses :P). Sometimes there may be pockets of silences, because we don’t meet as often as before. Other times we just catch up, and laugh at each other for saying and doing stupid things. Haha.

To Pam & Wei Lee: I’ll let you guys again about the next gathering :D Let’s improve some psychomotor skills with rockband! *grinz*


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