As a Christmas gift to myself, I upgraded my flickr account. Haha~ I always loved flickr’s interface, but felt constrained by the free account because you could only create up to 3 sets of photos. Now that it’s upgraded, I can have unlimited collections and sets to properly categorize my photos! That explains the spam of photos in the past few posts. *grinz* Though having upgraded the flickr account makes me wish I have a better camera. >_> My current Nikon camera works great in natural lighting and for still images, but doesn’t do very well in dim settings; the flash is too strong, and there’s too much noise detection if I don’t on the flash.

I’m also looking through Amazon now and having a headache over which cookbook to add to my collection :P HELP. Getting lost in the endless reccomendations… to get old trusted collections or new book reccomendations. Ahhh.

Back on topic, 2008 has gone by waaaaaaaaaay too fast for me. @.@ Now I know what my mum and older ladies I have met mean when she said once you pass 21, blink a few more times and you’ll hit the big 3-0.


This year can be summed up…

… rockband! Haha. Free suana at Nigel’s place when we just started the game, and going zhao sia @ a RB competition is teh winz.

… Cupcakes, cakes, cookies. :P Baking-wise, I’m certain of their consistency and they come out just the way I want – crunchy, chewy, or crispy. Cakes I no longer fear making chiffons or genoise with their delicate techniques (eggs can be a scary thing!). Discovered white chocolate plastic to make decorations, which is a great replacement for fondant (that don’t taste that fantastic). Learnt how to make french buttercream which I use alot for my cupcakes. And discovered some fantastic  keeper recipes !! ;)

… i’ve came to realize i’m quite a perfectionist -_- learning to let go of it, because sometimes things gets stalled while I’m in the process of getting it perfect. I also tend to get frustrated when things go outta plan haha.

… i no longer worry about what i eat. Though I think I have the right to complain about the over excessive fat / sugar / salt of outside food :p Delicious food is sinful, and indulgence is perfectly fine every once in a while! But I find that some outside food is a blind crawl towards the detoriation of health. And people wonder why there are more people dying of cancer, getting diabetics, kidney failure… Hmm.

… i thank God for having met Kim Yan, Eileen, Candy, Gary, Hui Min, Kelvin, Perry, Chris, Serene and Siva in AK. And a few more others that make life there so much more interesting. :) I work in a department where my colleagues aren’t around most of the time, with the exception of Gary my boss… so I’ve grown closer to those from other divisions than my direct colleagues. Haha. 2008 has also been eventful for me in AK, especially after having to take over the recc club. Great learning experiences (and i foresee much more to come in 2009…).

… everything that happened with the Apostles. From those crazy rockband nights, to the stayovers at my place, to the PUBRC KTVs… I love these dudes & dudettes. <3  We are major geeks and proud of it. *laughs* (As for the GW incident, let time do its work. Am only human, and when I think of 2008, it’s one of the things that left a not-too-nice impact on me. I’m good with anyone hanging out or talking about him actually; it’s something that happened between him and me after all. It’s weird to see people tip-toe around me when they wanna talk about him :p)

I hope everyone has had a meaningful 2008. Now to look forward to a better 2009!


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