Apostles: gift exchange ~ 27 dec 08

It’s been 4+ years and counting.

Ragnarok Online was the first MMORPG I played… who knew that one game would have changed my entire life. We were just a group of strangers (geeks!) that got together 4 years back to journey and fight evils online. As the years passed, our journey continued and moved on to reality – now we journey together as friends, supporting and fighting the trials of life together.

We see kids grow up, people getting attached and married; people have left, misunderstandings have happened, some have drifted and then came back. All the stayovers, the morning breakfasts. Painful, awkward situations have happened; happy, stupid crazy moments there always are.

It’s one of the things you don’t quite understand how, but it happened anyway. And I’m glad it did :)

Randomness 2 Presenting the badges

Jev & Dorothy (....) D

Haro & Xiu Mei <3 Rin & Wendy

Astley - License to Fart! Wei Loong, Nigel and Jev

More photos here! :D


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