Happy 2009!

Still feel tired, had a hard time pulling myself out of bed from my nap just now. And my throat feels sore. @.@ I think it’s due to the fact I’ve been singing almost the whole day yesterday (from ktv in the afternoon to ultrastar at night), the lack of sleep, and the season’s eating of too much rich food! I had 3 buffets, 1 wedding in Dec… and this excludes all the other gatherings, which more often end up at a restaurant. Haha.

Time again to set resolutions. I’ve hit my targets on maintaining my exercise regimen, baking more and making sure I spent more time with those that matter. :) (Though I still wish I could do better!) Picking up the violin? I didn’t get to that! Haha.

What are your resolutions for 2009?

1. Continue to stick to a good exercise regimen, at least twice a week. Picked up jogging in 2008, and really love it. I aim to run at least two marathons this year! :) (Partly dropped yoga because I found it hard to be rushing from work to the studio; and Pure Yoga at raffles is getting insanely packed, so I dropped my membership there.)

2. Plans for baking – pick up bread making, be it by class or experimenting. It’s the only part of baking I left untouched. Haha. The hardest of them all! :) I aim to set up my long delayed website before mid-year.

3. Pick up a musical instrument – violin, or the bass.

4. Stop taking my family for granted, and to improve relationships. Will start to organize our weekly Sunday dinners again. And to spend more time with each of them :)

5. More quality time with friends. 2008 is really a blur in terms of friendship, but it has also opened my eyes and I’ve met some people with the biggest and kindest heart ever. It made me realize how selfish I am sometimes when dealing with those closer to me.

6. Go back to Church. I sincerely miss God and Danny (my guardian angel :)) Even though I know they are always around me, it’s no doubt I don’t feel as close as a few years back. Feel like a hypocrite sometimes when I tell people to let God lead the way. I’m aware that should be the way, yet sometimes amidst all the daily activities and rush, I go through life with my own strength. >.>

7. Get my driving license. Hah.

Lastly, time management and knowing when to say no. Alot of times I let things pass me by and feel so uninvolved because I just feel so tired and unrecharged, not having enough time to rest between activities. Not wanting to miss out on gatherings or opportunities, I  readily say ‘yes’ only to realize by the end of it, I just wanna crawl back to my little hole and hibernate. Haha. And the cycle continues…


2 thoughts on “Happy 2009!

  1. I can always give good massages. *hint hint*
    Hahaha! :P But seriously, do let us know when you’re tired ‘kay? I feel kind of bad too that’s we’re always crashing at your place…

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