Dreams are made of this.

Lose sight not of your dreams.

My baking dream is to be able to make great desserts, that put happy smiles on others’ face, and if possible, to use that skill to help others. :)

When I was in primary school, I used to love watching a japanese drama show called The Chef. It was about a freelance genius chef, and charged exorbitant prices for his fare. He appeared cold and seemed to only care about making money… but a female reporter later found out his secret – he was making money to support an orphanage that he was raised in. Of course there were the bad guys, a corrupted organization that somehow always manages to make him pit his skills under the most unpredictable circumstances.

It’s a dream, but I wish, I could use my skills to do something for others! For now, I’m happy just to see friends and family contented with what I can make for them. Haha.

What is YOUR dream?

I have friends who message me sadly about their lack of a dream, or about how they know not how to find a dream. Get rid of that perception that dreams are things that we dream of – things that exists only in our minds, and out of reach. Dreams, need not be big and fancy, and oh, ‘I AM GONNA BE A FAMOUS SINGER AND MELT EVERYONE’S HEART!!’ thing. Well, you can always have that dream ;) But not all dreams have to be in that context. It’s perfectly fine to dream of being a fantastic housewife that your husband can always count on, or a mother who loves and raises her children to be fine adults. Those are dreams too.

Dreams to me is something that you choose to be a dream. I came to realize this after I started baking. I did question myself – is this truly my passion? Is this what I really want to dream about? A few times, I wondered if I should just stop baking altogether, because I felt so frustrated and inferior progressing so slow. Even until now, my bakes don’t go 100% right. IF i had gone to culinary school, perhaps I would have learnt so much more by now, maybe even be a pastry chef by now. But something told me to hold on. The sense of accomplishment of getting recipes right, of staying up or going through the whole day just to create something from scratch that people can eat enjoy, from the simpliest ingredients of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. The playing with different fruits, creating of different textures, and discovering how flavours marry into others so beautifully! It all made me happy.

Dreams are dreams because you know that you love doing it, and doing it makes you excited, gives you a sense of being and accomplishment, and also… has to be feasible to some extend! Let’s be practical. I think it’s quite sad to chase a dream that can’t actually be realized, no? Life’s too short for that ;)

This is why I always tell friends and my own brother, if you ever thought of learning something, of trying something out, go and do it. You will never know when it’ll hit you, when you find out ‘oh, I can see myself doing this 50 years down the road…’ And if you are like me and already have something in mind, and have ever questioned yourself on your passion and dream, remember that the choice is yours to make in the end.

And so I ask you again… What is your dream? ;)


5 thoughts on “Dreams are made of this.

  1. My dream is rather easy: to be a good teacher which inspires the kids I have had the chance to teach. And of course to be a good friend to my friends and a good wife to Rin :)

    Thing is, dream always seem so easy to be attained when they are just dreams…only when you set out to accomplish them you realize how hard they can be. Even those that I have thought are really simple, are not so simple after all.

  2. my dreams are pretty simple i guess. cook better stuffs, play better guitars, sing better… the only tough one is get rid of procrastination.

  3. Hey!!! Was web surfing when i stumbled into your blog! Hehe… Hope to see more of your yummy creations being posted up here. And see you this CNY gathering.

    P.S. I love the colour of your Kitchenaid. Saw it on display once. Sexy colour with beautiful contours.

  4. @ wendy: :) Yes, i agree with that even the simplest dreams need planning and determination!

    @ furrybait: Enjjjoyyy!!

    @ Jay: if you know your vice, do something about it :p

    @ Carol: Hey girl! Haha… don’t worry, you will get to see more ;D See you at the CNY gathering!

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