Stress. Some people love it, some people hate it the core.

I like having some stress, because it pushes me out of my boundaries to do things I usually won’t do. And it keeps me going when I take on challenges. So whenever I take on new projects in baking, needless to say… there is an element of stress there to meet the expectations of the person who trusted my skills! Of course, there are also my own expectations, and it tends to be set much higher. I always always think I can do better. And sometimes it gets a bit out of hand, when I want things to be perfect. Haha.

I like stress when it comes to things that I know I wish to improve in. Be it in work, or at hobbies and interests. Like organizing recreational activities for my company… it’s a whole load of stress, again I think it all boils down to meeting expectations. (Of course people tend to be more forgiving since the recc club is considered a ‘side’ job, or at least i hope so!)


I believe that having some stress is good. Having too much on the other hand leads to burnout and fatigue in the long run.

What is your take on stress?


One thought on “Stress.

  1. I try to prevent myself from getting stressed, because stress will lead to frustration for me, and when I am frustrated I will get grouchy and irritated and nothing will get done. So no, stress doesn’t motivate me…it sort of demotivates :(

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