A first time for everything ;)

first wedding cake First wedding cake!

My first wedding cake!

I’m sure there will be more to come. Thanks to this project I was running on adrenaline all week! I only realized that after the wedding yesterday; it was the first night in about a week i could sleep without some sort of weird dream. Haha.

This is the first time I’m covering a cake with fondant, and I would say it turned out pretty good! :) In the whole process I also tested out buttercream with shortening (because I read it holds well in humidity, but after whipping it up I decided against using it cause of its awful taste :p); gumpaste flowers (in the end I bought some, due to time constraints), and researched on how to do tiered cakes, very insightful indeed! Also, discovered a great new chocolate cake recipe which is a keeper <3


Anyways, a big congratulations to Harold and Xiu Mei :) Hope you two find bliss in your journey together from now on!


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