Time… and random thoughts.

Time, like a close loved one, so precious and yet always taken for granted. Going about your daily life, they’re the last thing on your mind, till one day – you pause, and realize they’re no longer around.

Few years back, time seemed so abundunt. I’ve so many things I wanted to do! Yet procastination took hold, cause I thought I had much time ahead ($$$ was another thing *grinz*). Now, I still have many things to do, but time is oh so limited! Ever since I started work… it’s like the energy has been sapped out of me, 1/2 the time I just wanna go home and laze away the night. And that’s time wasted, no? Yet if I make full use of my time (like i did last week; didn’t realize until my brother mentioned I was home late almost everyday last week)… well, my colleague mentioned I look like crap today. Haha. (And yes, i feel like i’ve been hit by a truck and my stomach went on strike a.k.a indigestion. Ho.)

I think I need a lifestyle overhaul – start sleeping EARLIER and stop snacking at night. It’s because of my lack of sleep that I eat more :S vicious cycle it is. But it’s hard. I sleep late because I feel I don’t have enough time at night to nua or do things I wanna do! Hahaha.

Lately, it also dawned on me – is it REALLY me and my lousy time management, or is it really because of my job? I love my colleagues and workplace. I initially denied the fact, but now no more, after figuring out why wanted to get more excitement and challenges from outside and my baking projects.

I guess, it’s just a matter of time.


One thought on “Time… and random thoughts.

  1. hahaha… yayaa.. i bust out laughing and i strongly AGREEEEEEEE…
    slp late = not enough time to nua !!!
    i feel the same way too… hehe…. i love my colleague too.. except… hahha… u know de la… haha… i like u too Cass… hahahah.. oopss…

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