Restless sleep.


As the title says.

It’s been bothering me for about 2 weeks now. At first I thought it was my pillow – too old, no suppport – that was causing it. Had it changed, and I’m still having waking moments in the middle of the night. Tis’ ish sad.

I can only think of a few things that are causing it. 1) My period is gonna be due soon, 2) Change of dietary intake – I have been eating 2 big meals instead of my usual small meals… this is to stop my supper habit, and has effectively worked! Though, i think i might change back; don’t like feeling too full. 3) Been sleeping earlier about 1am, so my body isn’t used to the change. But it’s been awhile now, shouldn’t it already have been adjusted? (Though, the only restful sleep I had was on last fri night, and that was when I slept at 4am+ >_>) And I tested sleeping later at 2am+ 3am again last night, nope, didn’t work. More tired. ARGH. Also used to be able to sleep like a log in MRT, now I can’t even do that. :(

People ask me if something is bothering me. I know my previous post sounds kinda despressing, but that was a spur of the moment thing. I know my mind feels overactive, but for what reason… I really am clueless. It feels like it’s on standby mode 24/7.

Maybe my body is trying to tell me something. Hmm. Whatever it is, I hope to get better sleep soon. Looking panda, having low energy and feeling snappish isn’t fun. :(


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