Finally, time to sit down and write something. My insomnia has gone away since last weekend. Haha~ But this week has been a busy busy week! Cloth hunting for my costume, 3 cakes to bake for today’s family gathering, got to hang out with some newer trainers for KTV, and the start of my wilton cake deco course today! :D So, I kinda ended up sleep deprived again. Haha. But beats not being able to sleep well and having no mood to do anything!

I’m excited over a few things :) One is my cake decoration course; it’s this year’s goal to finish up some wilton courses. Second is my HK trip with Kim Yan! Finally out of this little island (to another small city haha)… It’s been about 2-3 years since i travelled out of the country. Haha. Actually, I kinda hope to have a family trip before my brother starts NS. My family hardly goes overseas because my father owns his own business, and it’s hard to take time off… the last time we went abroad was yeaaaaaaaars back, and to genting. -_-; Dad expressed interest to go Macau, I won’t mind even though that means I’m going back to HK again! LOL. :3

And third! Cosplay (don’t give me that funny look ;p) It’s always been something I want to do for a while, but was restrained by $$$ back when studying, and i got sidetracked by baking, and other activities on my to-do list ;D BUT. After going for a game convention a.k.a AFA last year, I got reminded of it again. Erica also started cos-ing last year and she’s been a great help if I need any help. It’s also one of my life mottos, life is too short to NOT do anything you want to do. JUST DO IT MAN. So I signed myself with a cosplay group, and found Ashura who was interested in going for another event (cause we both agree we’re getting old – we better do it now while people still mistake us for poly students. LOL.)

This week, though tired… I’m really thankful for it. I met a kind soul while buying cloth for my costume at People’s Park. This nice uncle who wanted to sell me cloth when I was $10 short of the amount I had to pay; he said I can come back another time to pay. I was really really surprised. And he and the aunty was so helpful in finding me colours and fabrics… :3 I will definitely go back. Also! KTV! I found my crowd. It’s the first KTV I went where we sang a whole lot of English songs. I had a great time with my colleagues; it’s been a long time since I laughed till I teared (all thanks to Iunia xp).

Wonderful week! Now I just need my sleeeeeeep.


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