Take a break, please.

Breaks are wonderful.

That long weekend with the good friday finally allowed me to catch up on my sleep. Haha. I wish I could have an extra long weekend every alt week or so ;p

Even in baking! I took a break in requests after those few crazy weeks in Feb, then came my cake deco course. I finally baked up a plain butter cake again today (for class!), and I think it has the best texture so far after all the times I baked it. :3 Though I forgot the vanilla. Haha. Already have about 2-3 cakes to bake the week I come back… Am all fired up! (really miss my oven; i guess… i love actual baking more than decorating *grinz*) But it’s fun doing weird cakes to make people laugh or go o____O

3 more days to go. To HK. Haha~ Am looking forward to this little getaway and then coming back to much more!

Stay tune for piccies ;D


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