And we’re heading for June!

Summary since the last post: Went to HK, had a great time with Kimyan and came back half broke with a almost sprained left foot (yea we walked about 12 hours for 4 1/2 days XD). We have way too many photos, so I’m kinda lazy to upload everything LOL.  :3

Went for Distant World Final Fantasy Concert last night. It was amazing, and so beautiful. Once again, it reminds me how powerful music can be! I love music, especially soundtracks… listening to game soundtracks always brings back so much emotions. *laughs* Playing RPGs are like an interactive storybooks as you journey with the characters. Just like normal story books, people feel, relate and sometimes cry for the characters – it’s the same for games. The music makes it so much more emotional and memorable :)

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Shizu and I went down 1 hour early and was just in time to get the CD! After us there were only about 10 CDs left, and still a looooong queue behind. Cause ours was the last concert in Singapore, many people had feedback from friends and forums about the limited CDs, so it ran out pretty fast. Haha.

Before I entered the theatre, I heard someone say “the union of geeks!”. I can’t help but laugh. It was definitely a gathering of many FF fans and gamers XD Faving fans too; there was this guy who shouted Nobuo-Sensei! and Nobuo BANZAI! everytime they mentioned him during the concert.

Nobuo Uematsu is really a man of great talent, yet at the same time funny and oh so humble. At the end of the concert he went on stage and kowtowed to Arnie (Distant World’s conductor & Creative Director), and even joined the singers in the Encore for One Winged Angel! He also tried his hand at speaking Chinese, joking that he loves beer in mandarin. Everyone in the hall laughed. Shizu’s colleague, who was sitting behind Nobuo sensei, mentioned that there was a beer bottle at the back of Nobuo’s shirt. So maybe he wasn’t joking at all. *laughs*


It’s always always so inspiring and warming watching great talent, and seeing people doing what they do best. :)

On another note, now that I’ve settled most of my cosplay plans & costumes for this year, i’m going back to baking. My oven is calling me. Haha. It was a good break putting energy into something else and meeting new people. ;D It’s an entirely different culture from the norm, and am very very excited for the next few months and events!

Spent the Sunday sorting out some stuff, and bookmarking my favourite cookie book.


Also two more new baking books coming in during June <3!


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