My ideal guy.

What? no. you did not scroll into the wrong page.

So this afternoon, this conversation came up when I was at a dessert shop with Perry and Rosie.

“So, if your ideal guy appeared, how would he look like?” asked a very curious Perry.

I stopped for a while. Blinked. Looked around. “Well… for one thing he must have height.”

“Height? Tall? or short?”

I nodded. “Tall of course!”

“How tall is tall? When you’re standing, are you looking at his naval? His chest? Or…”

“W-wait. How did this turn into a find-a-guy for Cassandra session?”

After that I was told that it was important  to have an image of the ideal guy in my mind, his personality… so when he walks into my life, I would know immediately. Rosie shared hers; i was in awe at the detail, and amused to hear her share exactly what she wants.

I remember establishing a list of 5 a while back during the previous trainer’s retreat. Had an almost similar conversation with Hui Min. Somehow, it all slipped out of my mind. Recently, I figured I liked guys who were tall, and had a good frame, broad shoulders and all. Only to realize, hell, which girl doesn’t?! It’s like a guy suddenly realizing he likes girls with nice sized boobies.

THAT said. The only guy that comes to mind now is Elliot. Elliot Spencer. Below is a pic of him just in case you’re wondering who it is.

Christian Kate, that acts as Elliot in Leverage. (Oh how I love Leverage, but I’ll leave that for another post. GO WATCH THE SHOW.) Hmm. And then there’s Johnny Depp. Ahh. I love guys with blue eyes, soft wavy blondish hair. *nods*

So, how is my ideal guy like? I leave it to you to think about it. Or you could ask me again. Do expect some blinks, eyes looking around, uuhhmms, stammers… but you’ll get it out of me with enough patience. There are still some values I treasure enough that my ideal has to share.

But for now, I’ll leave you with that. Now for my next episode of Leverage and more Elliot.


One thought on “My ideal guy.

  1. hahaha.. please dun ask me this question.. hahaha.. i had too MANY to choose…hahahha..oops… Cool !! maybe i should go think abt it too..haha

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