When frustrated, bake.

My dreaming nights are back. Frustrating as hell cause they leave me looking like a panda. When events are coming in the next 3 weeks, that’s not a good sign.

So I decided. I shall bake with all the overripe bananas lying around in the fridge. (Now did you miss my baked stuff? XD)

Pardon the lighting – my lights are mostly energy saving yellow lights!

One thing I’ve learnt after all these years, there are two cakes that will always turn out great. Chocolate cakes and banana cakes. It’s just something about the bananas and chocolate that make cakes moist and yummy. ;) Click here if you’re interested in the recipe, it’s the simplest banana muffins you’ll ever find. One that produces great results too!


I’ve gotten a baking request from one friend’s sister for an event. Was intending to get back on track once all the cosplay events are over.  (It clashes with mascot parade next week actually) It’s been about 3 months already since I stopped actively baking… Seems like I might be resuming faster than expected! Even if it doesn’t fall through, it brought back the excitement of planning and designing my cakes. And i’ve also got a little research done on packaging :3 With a few ideas on forms and Q&A for the website/blog popping up in my head as well.

Ahhh. So much things to do, so little time! My costume, wigs to settle with my tailor and wig supplier, and most important, my props (have not started making a single one x_x); and then there’s my baking research.

Okay. Sleep time. Wish me luck. >_>


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