Project 1: The Circle Line

…or at least 1/4 of it for now.

What’s this project thing you ask? It’s an idea inspired by the author of 52 projects. It’s a book filled with 52 random projects – can’t remember the details because I lent it to Dorothy after briefly browsing through the book, and then forgot all about it. Until recently, while wondering how I could make life more interesting, the idea popped into my head again. Random as it was ;)

I’m not going to follow the book’s ideas, though I might pick up some ideas if I borrow the book again. But i’m going with gut feel, or whatever pops into my mind when I think about what to do for the next project.

And the first one? Happens to be “take a day to take pictures of every station of an MRT line.”

Decided on the circle line because I never been on it! That, and that I couldn’t find one whole day to be free for the next 3-4 weeks. So I decided on the shortest line first. *grinz*

“It’s a maze.” – Dorothy, after in which she goes on to describe how she almost got lost.

“Huh? Okay la, like that lor.”  – Bro, as usual ;D

“Need to walk so much. But at least now can go to Bishan faster. XD” – Erica / Ryn

“No difference in travel time, except more expensive…” – Candy, colleague who lives at Marymount, talking about the differences of the bus and the new MRT line.

Bishan station – go down for da circle line!

The 5 stations – Bishan, Marymount, Lorong Chuan, Serangoon and Bartley!

Yes the above were shot at different stations (and the last one inside). The interior were the same for all stations. I won’t be surprised if anyone in a daze alighted at the wrong station…

On the way home!

Throughout the whole journey, it was… quiet. I vaguely remember reading on a forum that photography isn’t exactly allowed within stations, but wasn’t too sure myself. So there was that tinge of “oh shit, what if it was not allowed and I got caught!” feeling throughout. Haha. There were so little people in the train, almost every movement can be seen by the train warden. Who walked thru the fro the train way too many times.

Trains don’t bounce back like when at Marina Bay. When a warden went “excuse me girl!” at Bartley, I really thought I was gonna get caught for snapping photos. LOL. Then he told me to go the other side cause the train was terminating. I obediently went over. :X

So this ends my journey of the circle line. Now I can finally tell people I’ve sat the circle line! Will most likely do a follow up once the whole line opens. Anyone keen on joining me then, do let me know. The more the merrier! (And we can all feel like kids playing traunt together. Hehehe.)


One thought on “Project 1: The Circle Line

  1. TAKE ME!

    Anyway, it’s only the Bishan one that’s irritating.. after I found out that there’s one escalator that goes up directly. Basket. -_-

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