… Mario?

Can you spot the red hat in the crowd?

This was an idea sparked off by Virtualgirl. So yes, credits go to her! :)

The plan to do this was actually later in the year, after finding people to do Luigi and Prince Peach. But when Crestryn asked one month earlier if I was interested to go for Mascot Parade, I was like SURE, why not? Initial wanted to cosplay Tear Grants, as that was supposed to be the only costume I have on hand by the 27th June. But thinking of the recent crazed weather and Tears’ costume… I chose Mario. So it was a scramble to find the costume! Got lucky for the overalls and found a pretty striking blue jumper shorts at This Fashion, budget price ;) Bought two and tailored it into a skirt, fixed on the yellow buttons. Bought a red newsboys cap off Amazon and stuck on the famous M. Kudos to Shiz for donating shroom and the brick when he heard about the plan.

Was all set until one week before the event, I suddenly remembered Kim Yan buying a curly brown golden highlighted wig from our trip to HK. Immediately asked if I could borrow and tested it out with the cap. Somehow it felt more perfect with the wig as the cap was a little big for my head. *grinz*

Okay. Enough talk. A few pictures below borrowed from various sources. Thanks to all you guys for the shots!

Taken by Edmund ;) Thanks again.

Look who I found! (credits to Eriol)

Mario and Yuki!

Crestryn as Yuki from Haruhi (credits to Yuuwa)

Running around with a long wig in the hot early afternoon wasn’t very fun. Hahaha.  But as the afternoon went by, the place was filled with mascots, superheroes, and cosplayers running around. There was ironman, batman & joker, courtesy lion, the clean & green froggie, Barney, KHR characters, Lich King… all braving the sun and having fun with the crowd. Since this was an open to public event, there were many photographers as compared to the usual cosplay events. Encountered a few tourists that wanted to take a pic together. Really made me regret not bringing my camera as I would have loved to get a shot with them as well! And of course… all the superheroes *_* If you guys want to see more pictures of the day, do check out Edmund’s flickr site (link above), or follow the links to Eriol and Yuuwa’s thread on sgcafe.

Would I be doing Mario again? I should be! Though am still looking for a ‘sister’ – girl Luigi – and a Prince Peach. Anyone for a pink tuxedo? ;)


One thought on “… Mario?

  1. hahahaha… super fun.. great tat i did something that u always wan to do ok.. hahhaa… waiting for u to go beach volley ball… hahhaa..

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