I feel…



I can’t believe I just said that.

Okay, I don’t feel old mentally. But reality has a way of telling you things physically. Physically, this year hasn’t been great. First it was issues with my right eye and left ear. My right eye becomes irritated easily, and there’s this red patch next to my pupil if you see closely. And then my ear, my left ear, behind what used to be my ear hole. There’s some red lump there now. Have seen a doctor and he mentioned it was due to improper piercing, and that it can only be removed surgically.

My left side has been causing me lots of trouble. Like my left leg, my 2nd toe all the way down to below my feet gets cramp periodically for no reason, or sometimes when i bend it. =_= Left feet has been weak ever since I came back from HK, and my knee also gets affected whenever I get too cold.

THEN. There’s this issue with my left ribs ever since a few years back. It feels like my left rib is more protruding than my right; i can feel it when I lie flat. It’s just this weird feeling right below my chest, like there’s something extra there. :p It sometimes get pretty uneasy. Though I do notice that it becomes more obvious when I’m on my ‘thinner’ periods.

Oh well. I shall continue to believe I’m 20 while my body fights the wear and tear as the years goes by. Hahaha.

And yes, if you been following, I’m late on my 2nd project. For a few reasons I got stuck on it. Will be updating on it soon!


3 thoughts on “I feel…

  1. hey.. cheer up… is not as bad as u think.. u just need to slowly recover from it ok.. step by step and one by one… cheer up =)

  2. Ya. It’s not that bad… Just that sometimes it does get a little annoying. Haha. Means must spend more $$$! :x

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