And so I’m 25.

And so, I shall present you cake!

It’s true after a certain age, you really don’t feel much about birthdays. Though thank you everyone who celebrated with me! Surprised or self-planned. Haha. You know who you are <3 You all are darlings. Yes, and everyone who wished me. I’m very very surprised on who was the first person who wished me through SMS. Curious? Ask me. *grinz*

I’m back from my two month baking hiatus. And things picked up speed after the first request like… woah @_@ and are going on full swing, with many more to come. Check out my flickr for more photos. ;) Also! I got news from Yurisa, one of my baking course pals from Palate Sensations, of a new Sugarpaste course coming to Singapore. They’re opening this Saturday, most likely gonna check it out – if I can finish my cousin’s 21 cake(s) in time. Haha.

On another note, finally requested a day off to go to the polyclinic. Need to put my mind at ease and find out really what’s wrong.

Alright, I shall go rest. Haven’t been sleeping enough with all the planning and baking. I feel bad attending events or meeting friends when I lack sleep, it’s like you’re not fully present to enjoy the time with others. Which has been happening -_- So sorry to anyone who has to deal with either my lack of sleep adrenaline, or my lack of focus and attention. I need to zzZZzzzzz…


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