Crazy times make me smile.

Especially when I take a step back and look at it all.

This week has gone from bad, to horrible, to bad, to getting okay. Which is now. Got nagged by, finger pointed at (though I don’t know if it was intentional on the other person’s side), misplaced stuff, made careless mistakes. Was constipated, bloated, so bad I had to go on mostly fruits and eat 1/4 of what i usually eat during meals for 4 days. Just went it got better, my eyes got swollen after eating prawn crackers, which was weird cause it never happened before. My right eye looked like I was growing another mouth last night… thank goodness I don’t look too much like an alien today.

It’s kinda strange, even when the week turns out to be one crazy thing after another (it feels like a huge joke week)… I feel happy.

I went hunting for a fruit tart after knocking off at 8+ yesterday, only to end up with a pretzel. (But yes I got my tart and had it for lunch today <3) I'm happy I can finally eat again without feeling like I have a brick in my stomach. I feel happy coming home today, managed to finish a subway sandwich while chatting with my mum. And then seeing her give curry to a neighbour when the lady came home from work. It made me smile.

It's also a joy hearing my brother from Tekong every night. He just can't wait for Saturday so he can book out and go for GCA. And his Rockband charity event, which he so nicely pulled me in cause they lack a singer. Watch out world for zao xia Cass! 8D

And then coming home every night and chatting with friends. Watching stupid videos, learning about weird beauty products (Egyptian Magic anyone? 8D), and finally being able to sleep without waking up a zillion times at night.

Crazy times make me smile. Cause it makes me see all things present in life that I so often take for granted.


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