I don’t know where to start. Or how to start! *laughs*

– Work has been picking up – and that opened my eyes to many things that I need to tackle. People always say I’m nice, but that’s so general. I see so many shortcomings that I need to overcome to become more efficient. One major weakness being assertiveness. It has always been something I struggled with since young…

– I have slowed down in baking. It’s a shocker when I mentioned to some my realization (I shocked myself too ;p) – that my passion wasn’t in baking. Haha. It is part of my passion, but not entirely. I stuck to it because I have already invested quite a big amount of time in it. And it was only made worst when I started selling my baking – it’s like I have an adverse reaction to anything business, or money related – when it comes to passion and interests. I like doing what I do, but adding money to that equation presents a whole set of expectations which I didn’t like having to meet.

It was only until recently that it dawned on me, i loved being able to create things. Especially when it comes to music or art. Problem is I always believed that I lack creativity (funny how I see many friends who expressed the same sentiments – are we really so uncreative?) Even when it was in baking – I always thought to myself while browsing other baking blogs, “wow, how do these people think up of all these creative decorations?” A lot of self-denial, a lot of wanting to meet expectations, and a lot of procrastination.

– My new found love in music. Music was something I liked for a long while, but it grew more on me these few years. Maybe it’s rockband, maybe it’s the concerts I have been going for, or the times where music is my companion during crazy work times.

And I finally bought a guitar! It all happened one night when Nigel and I went crazy with the plans of being able to jam together. I always wanted to learn a string instrument and be able to sing along. So the acoustic works great! Then, bass guitar? That’s next year’s goal ;)

I have been picking up books, going back to sites that inspire me, finding ways and means to organize my time, and things I want and need to do. The list is growing longer. *laughs* Because there’s so much that I need to work on, as a human being.

I have always been very conservation with what I posted online, because I do post my blog site to places like facebook and flickr. Hey, it’s the internet, even if I don’t, there’s google and million over ways to find a person. Privacy on cyberspace? Say what?

Am still deciding how much I want to open up over here. I’ve read blogs where people openly share thoughts of their sexual relations (yes, it’s a personal site linked from a foodblog). Mine has always been the opposite end, I only share things that make me happy, some reflections, and ramblings.

We’ll see. But you’ll definitely know what I’ve been browsing, just look at my links!

Before I go, here’s a video from TED that I really love.

If you have more time, do browse through TED. The speakers, their ideas, concepts, thoughts about the world are all something worth thinking about ;)

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