This is the third time I’m typing a post with this title. Haha.

One was sad, another one was hopeful. I’m still trying to find the tone of 2010. It was initially full of excitement with new plans, but things are taking a detour for some :) Now I’m just tying up some loose ends before things really get started.

This year I decided to dedicate to music. Bake crazy stuffs. Meet more crazy people. …just create!

2009 I’ve learnt many things about myself; it was a different kind of discovery, last year. Because I saw weaknesses in myself more than ever before. It’s a good thing, really. It makes everything so much clearer when you can see both sides (of anything actually). And of course there were high moments!

I have this quote as one of my screen savers…

“Life isn’t about Finding yourself, it’s about Creating yourself.”

I chanced upon it while browsing the web again yesterday. And suddenly it made so much sense. We can discover so much about ourselves, but if we do nothing about it, chances are you will still be you… and life goes on. It’s like learning a new skill, you gain the knowledge, find what you’re good at, what areas you need to work on more…. but if you don’t put the skill and knowledge to use, it will just be a learnt skill, nothing more :)

2010 will be filled with more crazy stuffs. I’m sure.

I r Spaz. Yes.


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