I love Adam. And Oprah. Hahaha.

I’m supposed to be sleeping, but hey, I think there is a reason why I’m awake now, watching Adam Lambert interviews. With Ellen, and then Oprah (I miss her shows!)

And BAM.

In the interview with Oprah, Adam talked about being bored and wanting a change; surrendering and asking the universe for that change, and it came back more than he expected it to.  Oprah then says “when people have a dream, and they surrender it to the Universe, or God –  God can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself, if you are pure in that dream.”

That really hit me.

Though of course, that doesn’t mean sitting there wishing and dreaming all that will make anything happen. Haha. Adam would not have been where he is today had he not take that step to sign up for American Idol ;)

That all really snapped me back to reality. That I have been trying too hard to work everything out alone again – and forgetting that I do have Someone to rely on (it’s a bad habit really >_>)

And it’s the second sign so far. I got to reading the alchemist lately – and i think that itself was a sign too; so that’s three signs haha (picked up the book from a second hand sale stall outside my office; it was three books for $10 and I was searching for one last book to buy. Found it stashed in the middle of some books after quite a bit of digging. I was also contemplating to get another fiction book, but something told me not to, cause I’ll probably end up not reading it. And then I found the Alchemist!)

The one thing that stood out a lot to me now, were the omens that the boy was told to notice. And he did.

I’m in the midst of a lot of confusion now. At times I really feel very very unhappy. I don’t blame anyone or anything; but sometimes it gets so bad I have the tendency to point it to myself – because I look around, and suddenly see the world filled with unhappy people, not doing anything to make things better, not speaking for themselves. And I feel like I’m just like them. It’s partly true, but kinda messed perception because I might only be seeing the surface of what is happening; and when you’re frustrated, you suddenly forget that there is also the brighter side of everything.  ;)

How things will go from now on… :) I’m glad I stayed up this late. Haha! But yes, off to bed now. Have a mini department gathering tomorrow, and then MUSE. *grinz*

And of course, i love you too God ;)


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