I’m up early today. Not because i slept early, but because I can’t sleep. So might as well post something haha.

Squee!Click on it to see more photos on flickr ;)

MUSE. is AWESOME. I don’t need to say more. Nearly missed my chance to go for this because I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go. But I wanted to quite badly hahaha; got hooked to their songs after listening to their album the Resistance.

I’ve already given up finding people by last weekend. On Monday Trina popped by office, a random visit, and a random mention about MUSE  – how she wanted to go but couldn’t find anyone (sounds familiar?!). You can guess what happened after that.

We got lucky cause there were still seats on Monday night; the concert was on Wednesday. And we got seats just behind the standing area!

The Ending...

If you want something enough, you’ll get it. Haha! Awesome night, awesome company, and really awesome music! ;D


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