I’ve been seeing this around lately. Really caught my interest ;) As you can I haven’t been typing much recently, though I would love to. Sometimes, a good picture can say so much more than a block of words. Or a single sentence.
I’ve downloaded this application in my iPhone called 365 projects. It’s an application that gets you to take a picture everyday. Make memories! Snapshots that you can look back and remember what happened on that one day. I’m thinking it would be more wonderful if I could share it with anyone who happens by. Tumblr seems to fit that role.

Photographs evoke so much emotion. Even in my current frustration over my work situation now, when I saw the slideshow of everyone’s photographs at the AGM , it made me smile and a tinge of nostalgia tickled my heart.

I guess that’s why I couldn’t get used to the twitter craze. Haha. I rather post a picture than type sentences describing what is happening.

Sooo… I might be signing up with tumblr to replace my 365 projects in my iPhone. *grinz* This blog will still be around, cause nothing beats a good nice post sometimes!


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