Moving on… and a teeny bit of procastination. Pfft.

I’ll be lying if I said I’m not worried about my left side. Haha. Might be psychological, might be my imagination – it seems to be getting bigger. I can’t lie down on my back without feeling uncomfortable after a while. Don’t even bother about the front… Going to do a ultrascan in April; the doctor said if there really is something, it should be able to pick it up. We’ll see.

Life’s really slowed down after I canceled the final cosplay plan (due to the above mainly :/), guitar ended, baking on halt. It’s a stark contrast from last Oct-Dec with work and everything.

I figured it was time to think how I want things to be – decisions made because everything because there are less distractions. Haha. But things are kind of at a standstill now, plans still pending. It made life kind of boring, too. Pfft.

But I’m glad though, this means more time for friends and family :) I’ve also met some very interesting people. Things are moving for sure.

So the standstill might not last very long. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts… Haha!


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