The wheel is turning.

One chapter of my life is coming to an end :)

The decision to leave my current company hasn’t been an easy one. Even though I’ve talked about leaving a few times, when I got the opportunity – I hesitated.

I feel like I’m leaving home and venturing to a new place. Met some wonderful people here, made some awesome friends. Even those that have left before, we’re all still in contact someway or another! It’s like a big big family.

But it’s also the same reason why I need to move – not because of the people, but because of how comfortable I’ve become. In some ways I feel stuck and stifled, not satisfied. Even if new things were to come my way, I would probably get excited for a while and then it will die out. Things implemented here have a short lifespan and it’s hard to get people to follow; the freedom we are given is wonderful, but in this aspect it backfires.

That and the direction and operations of the company is confusing sometimes :) But I won’t go into that here.

I wish the company great success.  It’ll be interesting to see how things will be like in a few months, and years ahead!


The move into Lasalle… In some aspect I’m happy, in another I’m a little scared. I do know on my first visit though, I stood looking out from the full length glass panes on the third level,  and the first thought that came to mind “I feel so at home here.

I’ve always wanted to go into the education line; sometimes I wonder if it’s a family thing… I got three aunts in education too. Haha! Even though I’m not all for the education system in Singapore, I think we still have to give it some credit for developing people who can criticize the system :p

And then, it being an art institute is a bonus! My creativity is minimal, but I love the arts because I believe it’s one of the closest thing to the soul (Universe / God). To me it’s like being amazed by nature; when you’re on a high mountain gazing down on the earth, or when you’re looking up to a myriad of stars in the night sky… It reminds us how big the world really is, how we are so small but part of this place we called earth :) For me, music, drawings, dance, art do the same thing. They stir feelings, emotions, thoughts, reminding us that life is more than the routine we go through everyday.

Changes are always a big question mark. How it all turns out… we’ll see in a few months!

Work isn’t the only change currently ;) Though I can say all changes now are looking up. But that will be another post. (Or if you’re curious enough, poke me. Hehehe.)


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