And so it begins! – Room Organization 1

Sunday is salad day at home.

<3 Mum's salad

Broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, turnip, onions, alfalfa, celery, cucumber. With a yogurt-chili-french dressing that mum mixes together with. I love! :) Okay, the salad isn’t the main topic of my post, but it’s something that defines my sundays. <3

And yes, the packing begins! Or more like throwing and reorganization of stuffs in my room.

Recently, certain things seem to emit a negative vibe. Seeing them and having them feels off, like they're taking up space where I can place other more valuable stuff. One of them is my old manga, another is my old artwork, others are things like old stationary, papers, boxes, clothes, accessories, etc lying around in my drawers. Maybe it's cause I been wanting to rid of them for a while now, but didn't have the time to really do anything about it.

I've packed most the manga and am passing some to my cousin's daughter :) if I can't find owners for the rest, I'll probably throw it away or give it to some second hand bookstore.

I managed to clear my stationary and art stuff today. So many random stuff I found!

Randoms Lots of random stuff!

Randomness! Tape, disks, wires, files of paper and craft foam…

Randoms LED Lights?!Even more random stuffs, thanks to cosplay last year ;D

Side cupboard Desk drawer Hoping to reorganize these properly!

More pictures found here. Will be updating as and when I get to organizing stuffs round the room! :D

The goal is to get things done by mid May before the job change. It’s been something that I wanted to do since end of last year, to make the room more warm, inspiring, creative. The only thing I started on was to paste photos, quotes, random things I pick up from events I go to, on the wall in front of the monitor. But everything else remained at status quo. As much as I can live with messes, the current state of my room is boring and uninspiring.

And so the packing begins! ;)


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