Slow and Steady – Room Organization 2

My room still look like it’s in a mess. Haha!

Still feel satisfied though, cause I’ve been purging things from areas unseen. Doing my best to get rid of things then I can begin re-organizing everything. My first step of reorganization? I bought jars for my bangles :D

Jars & Domo Arranging
Jars! And WIP organization of side cupboard

Reuse lid Reuse!

Reuse of a coffee tin I bought a while back :D Everything so far courtesy of Daiso! *grinz* Love that place.

Cupboard Mess
Next in line to tackle – my makeup, skincare and earring corner.

I’ve also put up a brown mounting board at the side of one of my cupboards. More space to pin things for inspiration!

I wish I have more full days home to pack the room. Haha. I get into packing mode now whenever I have a full day. It’s pretty weird. But oh it feels good.

More pics to come soon ;)


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