Lil update.

I’ll prolly post my thoughts on recent events during the weekend :) So much I wanna share!

But have been coming home drained these 2 days, and I foresee more to come as I grapple with the new job. Going from a small company with little structure to one with about 3-4x the number of people and much structure, will take some time getting used to. I felt I didn’t get much of a handover.  Only had 1 day with the temp girl; 1/4 day was done with HR and orientation, the other 1/2 I was taking minutes for 2 meetings. And the other 1/4, she went through very briefly selected things.

Needless to say, by end of day 1 I was lost.

Thankfully I have a very helpful colleague. I feel bad if I have to bother her everytime though, but… I really am lost. I’m glad my boss seems understanding now – she did mention that it is gonna be a steep learning curve.

Thankfully too, it’s almost the lull period. It’s the term break for students and lecturers are at the final stretch of the semester marking papers. By early June when all the papers are done, they’ll all be clearing their leave too. I hope it’ll be quieter then to let me familiarize with people and systems :)

We’ll see how it goes the next few days!


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