Room organization 3

Finally get to update! Been busy with work and some other stuff, so the organizing got neglected for a while. But the nagging feeling of packing never went away. Today I finally get a Sunday free! So I got down to packing my skincare and makeup corner :) Remember the messy earring place two posts back?

Medicated oil stains :( All clean (hehee)

Had some medicated oil stains (left picture). Had it covered with some thick sheet of paper, and viola! Looks much better :) Next I had to deal with the ugly tape ‘scars’ at the right side.

Constructing earring rack 1 :D Constructing earring rack 2 :D

Got some mounting board, foam, and wrapping paper (not pictured). And this is what you get…

Earrings! Cupboard

:) The intial plan was to cover the foam areas with a golden cloth. But the cloth I had was too thick – tried piercing my earrings through and it couldn’t go through. Thought about re-doing it (cloth at the base, and wrapping paper on the foam), but I decided to kick my perfectionist side away… Haha! I wanted this done by today because making this has been dragged for way too long. Am glad I went ahead, cause my earrings are happy now they have a new home to hang out! :p

My next task to to buy some boards to make a D-I-Y art folder, to store big sheets of paper and wrapping papers. I love them! Actually for this, I’m contemplating to buy one, or to just make it. We’ll see.

That, and then my wardrobe. I’ve been throwing clothes out already, slowly. And buying some home wear that makes me happy. Like stripey shorts and a turquoise polka dot sleepwear! <3 But it’s time I really got down to organizing and designing what I really need, especially outing and work wear.

*grinz* Till next time!


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