Feels like I’m in a dream

Few mornings back during my morning walk from Dhouby Ghaut to LASALLE, reaching the building and strolling past the level 1 grey corridors, there was a sense of how things seem felt a little surreal. It felt like yesterday I still alighted the train at Tanjong Pagar, made my way past Amara Hotel to GE building and then to my old office. The feeling of moving here to the College still hasn’t quite settled in, even though I’m already in the 4th week at my new place!

My ex-colleagues are missed for sure. Popped by AKLTG last night after gym – it was of the kids programme’s graduation nights. Saw more people than expected to. Heard more things than I should. Haha. But was happy to see them again :)

I’m still trying to adjust here, more people-wise than structure; one of the lecturer’s in my department asked the other day during a casual conversation of my old job, “So it must have been a hard decision to leave?” Definitely was. Being in AKLTG for 2 years+, there was an ease and comfort in talking to almost everyone there. Now at LASALLE, I’m still getting used to the people, as much as they are getting used to my presence. I know it’ll take some time, lunches, events, gathering… that i’ll feel more ‘at home’ here.

An introvert at heart means I’m more than okay being alone. Recently… this has started to shake a little. I still need time alone, still do not like going out too much especially on consecutive days. Used to be able to stay home days without going out, without meeting friends for a few weeks. Now it just feels weird if I stay home too much!

And so it does get to me, that I do not have many people I’m comfortable with at work. It’s not fair to compare between the old and new workplaces because of the time frame difference. But I can’t help it. It’ll get better I know, but that takes time…

A lot of people ask me how I am recently. I tell them I’m good, thou frankly a good time out would be wonderful at the moment. My ‘batts’ are kind flat, guess that’s why I’ve been having midnight munchies again. Changes are good, cause it means you’re not stagnant, or in the process of something! But it can get exhausting. Am glad that my boss allowed me to take leave the next few weeks, am looking forward to those day offs! :)


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