Room organization 4

This was done over the past two weeks. It’s a slow process, packing the various small areas at a time.

Old memories – cards, notes, and what have you –

Old memories... in a mess :P Old memories

:D Belts and leggings!

All packed nicely into a box I found at watsons, and stashed above my cupboard. On the right:  used old manga holders to put belts and leggings in.

The messss The mess after...

Clear the box in front of the cupboard :) My ultimate goal is to move that cupboard out eventually. I’m close to that after I give away my cosplay stuff, as there are only some files, paper bags and my ‘to-give-away’ stash of stuff, that can be easily relocated somewhere else!

I’m glad to say the room organization is about 3/4 done. Now it’s down to all the small things – like i’ve still got a stash of necklaces that need to be properly packed, finding a holder for my wrapping papers or large pieces of paper i use for craft, finding proper organization for my books, finding boxes to store things, finding creative ways to hang photos and pictures on the walls…

Yea the small things kinda add up. Hahaha. So it’ll take a while before everything is done ;)


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