goals – the small things add up ;)

Having goals give me direction and motivates me to keep going. But I have a bad habit of letting my goals slip because my actions steps are so broad, there’s no way to track if anything is done. And after a while… I forget about it. Oops.

Recently, I’ve been breaking goals into daily / weekly / bi-weekly actionable steps, depending on the priority of the goal. It’s been working quite well, and it doesn’t feel much of a chore since I allocate only a tiny amount of time a day to reach certain goals! (Some still do because they’re in the midst of tweaking)

It all adds up. Like saving money to buy something you want. If it’s expensive, setting aside a small amount everyday helps!

Below is an example of how I break my goal of being more healthy into tiny actionable steps –

– doing cardio at least once a week, for at least 30 minutes
– doing sun salutations (yoga) in the morning 5 days a week (I started from ONE set and slowly increased the number ;))
– walking to LASALLE from Dhouby Ghaut in the morning, and walking home from the bus-stop I alight at when I come home (that’s about the distance of 3 bus stops)
– taking the stairs
– lifting dumbbells 3 times a week (to be incorporated soon!)
– brushing my teeth during my evening shower so that I won’t have supper
– eat breakfast! Even if it’s just coffee – this keeps me less hungry during the day…

Happy to say, I’ve been able to maintain my weight even with all the feasting lately. Hahaha.

All my other goals a list too. It may seem overwhelming at first but because it’s something small, it’s easily made into a habit. And then you don’t even think about it. If you feel that an action step isn’t working, then tweak it again till you get it right. E.g. yoga in the morn doesn’t work sometimes, because I’m still not quite a morning person. So I might change it to doing it once I reach home. Or I might think, when I do it isn’t as important as me just doing it at least 5 times a week :)

Do you have any goals you were once excited and determined about, but recently find it’s been lost somewhere? Maybe you can try the above and see how it goes ;)


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