Craving for kit kat.

Ramble post alert! :p

I can’t help but feel a little burnout from work. I do regret not taking a break in between jobs, even it’s just two weeks. It’s already 3 months (oh gosh – so fast!)  in this new job and everything’s been lovely with a healthy dose of stress and politics mixed in. Hahaha.

The only consolation is that I’m blessed with a pretty good boss and direct colleagues, and work makes the time pass so fast. Before I know it, it’s time to go home! Not necessarily a good thing, especially if there’s a pile of work calling your name.

I can’t help but feel like my energy’s been zapped of late. Then I ask myself – is it because I’ve been putting my exercise on hold for the past month? Is it because I haven’t been eating right? Or is it because I still need more time to adapt, with work and some other matters? Or maybe it’s my period (yea, fuck these hormones sometimes, makes me overthink! Noooo.)

It’s all a ???  now. I’ll work on some of the above and see if it gets better. Finally got myself to work out today, and frankly I do feel slightly better now.

On a side note, I’ve also got a few personal projects on hand – the clothing idea with Pam; working on getting more basic baking recipes I can use again and again; and a few other tiny ones here and there. Which I am doing my best to spare time for, but sometimes all I wanna do when I get home is to flop onto my red computer chair, stare at the monitor and do mindless surfing. Or watch a show.

I’m hoping these little projects  help to take my mind off work and feel better. Like how I met with Pam on Monday to discuss our plans for our small business endeavour. It was a horrid day at work – I wasted the entire day printing and reprinting letters for an upcoming event because of some miscommunication. After meeting with her that night, even though it was a long day… I felt less a little happier :) At least there was something accomplished for the day!

Oh October, how I wait for thee. When work be lull, and I’m might be more free!


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