Are you happy with your new job?

People keep asking me if I’m happy in my new job. I always pause, and then find another word(s) to express my current job – learning, contented, adapting. Many of them will assume that there’s something I don’t like about my work! Which holds some truth because there’s no one perfect job – there will always be areas that we aren’t satisfied with.

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned about the irony of enjoying helping out with the event and dreading the administrative work, especially when I am the administrator of the department. Administration in general is alright by me, but I am feeling erked by it in the current place.  Am thinking it might be a few things, 1. I still need to to adapt the heavier administrative load of a larger organization, 2. still in the learning stage, and doing things take more time then it should 3. the procedures there need fine-tuning because certain ones don’t make sense (then again, I have a feeling it’s the same everywhere because organizations are forever evolving!)

Am I happy in this new job? No, because I don’t think happiness should come from an external factor like  a job; it’ll be an endless chase. The best answer I can give is that I’m contented to be given opportunities to deal with things I never did before.

All also made me realize that hey, maybe I really prefer staying in a smaller organization because there are less procedures, means less people to deal with, and less politics.  Or maybe I need to move to a larger, more stable organization and see for myself if it’s the same.  Haha. (I’m learning more for the former though!)

It’s already been 4 months in the blink of an eye! There will be more challenges in the months ahead. That said, I’m giving it about a year before deciding. But… we’ll never know, haha :p I’ve already got certain plans of what I want to do after this. Not quite the conventional route but it’ll keep me much more  contented because it revolves around things that I like to do ;)


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