Diversity Matters Forum

The hectic week is over! It’s gonna be back to boring school term. Haha. That also means proper lunches and more time to hang out with friends and colleagues ;)

Irene and Sahar
Irene and Sahar from Monash University. Lovely ladies I worked with for the two days of the event :)

6th DIversity Matters Team
The people who made it happen!

It was a new experience, working with the group from Australia and helping with an event that has international speakers. I didn’t get to sit in many of the talks unfortunately, so will have to wait for the videos to be given to us.

For most events, it’s always the last few days leading up to the event and first day that I find most stressful! On day one, there was a period when everyone was looking for me for various things – speakers needed notes to be printed, extra signs to be printed, room clashes… the list goes on. And then there’s was my own internal work to settle with HR, people looking to fix appointment with my boss. Eeeps. Thankfully, there were students attached to the event and they were  a GREAT help with many things, else I don’t think I’ll be able to manage everything unless I clone myself. Haha.

I won’t mind doing this again :) (yes, there will be one more next year that my boss confirmed, which ties in with Art Festival). Now it’s only the administrative matters that I’m really not looking forward to. Have to resolve all those tomorrow (and clear my backlog of work :p). It is ironic, considering my current position at the moment. But that really gave me something to think about in terms of my job, career and type of organization I would like to be in…


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