More to get done (and spend!)

Now I’m finally a tad free-er…

Done so far:
1. Renewed my passport :) – it’s ready for collection!
2. Went to the dentist to clean my teeth
3. Bought the skincare from Shu Umera
4. Sent camera for maintainence

To do:
1. Remove my wisdom teeth  ($$$) – apparently there’s some decay at the back, so the dentist advised it’s best to get it done soon
2. Remove the annoying mole on my knee
3. Re-organize wardrobe
4. Trim my hair

It’s no wonder I feel so broke recently! Aside from the weddings, gatherings, and taxi trips home for the late nights at work >_> Thankfully my bunny bank is still happy –

Bunny bank!

It’s still fed $1 coins every once in a while. I also do my best to set aside money each month for savings. But the wisdom tooth extraction is gonna cost me more than expected, so…

My mother always tells me, saving is never easy. Because you can save all you want, and then suddenly, something will happen that requires the saved amount (e.g. my teeth!)

Saving makes me feel… well, safe :) Even though it’s just a little each month – it’s that bit of extra security that if it suddenly rains, I might get a little drenched at the sides but will  still have an umbrella to keep dry.

Then there’s the other side, where you still need to spend in order to take care of yourself. Things like health, insurance / financial planning, trips to the hair saloon, a vacation, and so on. Everyone has a different list because we hold different values of what’s important. But these are money worth spending on because it makes makes us happier and helps with our well-being :)

For myself, if I were to spend they would go into:
1. Food. It’s a family upbringing – my parents never scrimp on this. If you want to eat, just go ahead buy it and enjoy. My mum is also known for feeding armies when we have family or friend gatherings!

2. Allowance for my parents – after all that they have spent on me, it’s only right to return something. Even though the amount could never add up to what they have given, I believe it’s the thought that counts.

3. Health – do I need to explain more?

4. Skincare and grooming – Skin care comes from my mother. I thank her for teaching me the basics since young. At age 58, she’s been getting comments that she’s still in her 40s :) Grooming isn’t much of a concerned as skin care (laziness! haha), but I’ve spent about $80 for a good haircut before. If it’s worth it, and if I can afford it that time… why not?

What are some things, to you, that are worth spending on?


2 thoughts on “More to get done (and spend!)

  1. woooo…. i like yr this post.. somehow it keep me wonder a while… thanks cass =) takecare and all the best for yr wisdom tooth.. no worry ok.. u can use yr medisave to pay for the minor day operation… so just go ahead and make the appointment.. u dun need to pay for all the fees…

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